DK Stud Dogs

All Deutsch Kurzhaar stud dogs listed on this page have completed breeding requirements of the DKV, CDKA and are available for stud per arrangement with the owner.


Bazil (Diesel) vom Golden Sun 002/16, Gew. 09.10.15
D1, S1, HZP 182, VGP Pz.lll 279pts, NAKP Pz 1,HN, DGST 72227,
HD-A1 Fw: SG
M: Ottie von Kings Crossing 0557/13
V: Finn vom Höllental 0799/13 68539/1
Diesel is a correct and elegant typical male DK who stands 66 cm and weighs 75 pounds. Bazil is a very calm and obedient hunting companion who excels in tracking, retreiving and relocating wild game birds, as well as the concentration to track wounded large game. Diesels search range is medium, casting out 100 yards or so.
Diesel possesses a unique, quality and performance proven bloodline, which will compliment bloodlines in North America.
Throughout training Diesel has proved to be an easy going, cooperative DK, and is very eager to please.
Diesel lives in the house, enjoys being around children, and other dogs.

For more information, please contact Dusty Galer 507-822-4935, 507-622-5383, or email