Whelped Litters & Expected Litters

Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy?  Here you will find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming DK litters from CDKA club members.

‘F’ Litter Golden Sun

Anticipated Whelp Date March 2024

KS Knox von der Königsleite ZB 0401/19 Brschl. m. Pln., dob 20.02.19 Proof of performance: Bavarian dog handler course 80 pts. of 80, Bavarian Usability test 100 pts. of 100 p., D1, S1, VGP I 315 pts. ÜF, “Emergency Solution Corona Trace” grade 3, sil. HN, BTR SJ, SW3, HD A2, ED and OCD-free, V1

Knox is a male with a typical male head and very good posture. He has a tight back and a correct underline and good angulations. At the breeding show, the height was 66 cm. He received the form value excellent. Knox is peace within himself. He is an absolutely water-loving dog.

The leadership manners are at their best. His greatest joy is retrieving. Retrieving is in the blood of the entire K litter. Knox is a capable hunting companion. In character, form and enthusiasm for work, he reminds us strongly of his grandmother “Annabelle KS von der Königsleite”. He shows a wide, very systematic search with good head position and very good ground covering. Knox is very obedient and willing to please.

It’s a joy to see him in the field. He is level-headed and calm when he is bloodtracking; he wants to consistently get to the dead/wounded game.

Diva v Golden Sun ZB 0334/21 Schwschl m.Schw. K. D2, VJP 68, S1, HZP 205, HN, VGP 3, HD A2, ED and OCD-free, conformation V Diva is a delightful and elegant DK, with much passion and energy bridled with cooperation and purpose.

Diva is conformationaly correct with correct female attributes and movement. Diva is 62cm. Divas field search is methodical, groundcovering and sweeping. She is a rock steady pointer and a correct retriever. She hunts well by herself and one or two people and she also hunts well with other dogs and many people as is needed in her homeland on the prairie of South Dakota.

Diva is a succesful blood tracker and also works well hunting ducks and geese. Diva is what a DK should be; brains, beauty, stamina and temperament.

Please contact Golden Sun goldensundk@live.com 605-222-7173