DK Stud Dogs

All Deutsch Kurzhaar stud dogs listed on this page have completed breeding requirements of the DKV, CDKA and are available for stud per arrangement with the owner.

Clay vom Golden Sun 0755/19 D1, S1, V, HN, HD-A1, VGP 1

M: Beatrix vom Golden Sun 0006/16
V: KS Oscar vom Theelshof 0339/10

Clay is a very athletic and correct male DK, who posesses a strong work ethic with a wonderful personality. Clay naturally is a medium range hunt for the gun kind of dog, who will take you to the game with finesse and style.
Clays passions are bloodtracking and waterfowl hunting. He also enjoys a good grouse hunt. Clay is a little bored with pheasant hunting as he has had hundreds of wild pheasants shot over him. Clay was born and raised in central South Dakota.
Clay lives in harmony in our home with other dogs, kids and farm animals.
66cm. 75lbs.
To approved females only.

Dago v Golden Sun

ZB 0326/21 DOB: 05.01.2021

D1, VJP 68, S1, VGP 3 280, HD A2, ED and OCD-free, conformation SG (HN Pending)

Dago is a picture perfect male. He is 66 cm and weights 68 pounds. Dago is the definition of a versatile dog. In his 3 years he has more time under the gun, in the boat, in the blind, searching the woods and fields than most dogs will ever have in their entire life span.
Dago is proven on all terrain in North America and is the envy of those hunters that we have been with on these trips. From the Grouse woods of the Great Lakes to the prairies of South Dakota to the swaps of Louisiana and the deserts of West Texas, Dago adapts and masters terrain and the game.
Dago will compete with and surpass the best Setters in the grouse woods and the best Labs in the bayous. He produces, tracks and retrieves game reliably and enthusiastically be it pheasant, sandhill crane, quail, grouse, woodcock, hogs, deer, rabbits, ducks and monster geese. His blood tracking skills are 100% natural and are second to none. Dago practically trained himself. I gave him the exposure to game and he did the rest.  He scored all 4’s in the blood track and water work.
At home Dago is big brother to my 3 young children, Guard dog for my wife and best friend to me. Dago gets along great with other dogs and is never aggressive. He comfortable going to any park, soccer game or Biergarten. Cheerful in all weathers, Never shirked a task, Splendid behavior.~~ JT Pouland